About Us

After surfing various social media sites and seeing the quality of grammar decaying in communications, we decided to do something to stop this trend. To do this, we needed English grammar experts whom we succeeded in finding. We asked them to examine modern day content floating around on the internet and come up with a set of grammar rules. After spending quite a few hours in conducting their research, they formed the rules that govern FREEGRAMMARCHECK.ORG.

Not only did we want to provide an easy to use Free Grammar Checker Site, but we also wanted to ensure that it did the task it was designed to do. To see if it did, we invited a user group to use it and give us their opinions. Our team studied the comments and decided to incorporate some of the strong suggestions on the site. That group still exists, and we still receive regular feedback from them.

FREEGRAMMARCHECK.ORG is a freeware, and we encourage people to use it freely to improve their grammar and stop making small mistakes. Let FREEGRAMMARCHECK.ORG become a tool that you use to proofread all your communications, and you will see the respect you start gaining from your peers and friends.